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Ugh, this has been sitting on my desktop as a cutout for like. No story really, just some poor random b. burn your village to the ground

Clever Candy Sayings for {almost} Every Occasion!

Looking for a quick and easy gift idea? Use our printable candy bar gift tags! We've got clever candy sayings for {almost} every occasion!

I've been punched and punched my bro a lot (sorry if it hurts you more than me) but it doesn't actually hurt at all or at least not that much. It doesn't effect if super light, only a little achy if medium, and only a tiny sting if hard. But, I'd imagine if it was in the head or some other... Precious parts... It's probably gonna cause some of those things. But if in the arm, thigh, lower leg, or side, see what stated above.

I've been shot in the butt point blank with a NERF dart. Hurts a lot more than you think. Thanks, BROTHER. >: How to write pain.

(bottom lady is doing the bridge and the top is laying on top of her stomach holding her own feet)

Avocado Quesadillas (Vegan!)

Avocado Quesadilla -Skip the cheese and use creamy avocado instead! Healthier and tastes amazing! (vegan)--I wanna drink just a shake for dinner, then I see this.

Making the BEST DIY earbuds ever! Modify your ear buds with ear plugs (diy noise canceling earphones tutorial!