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Cinderella by Ruth Ives 1954

Cinderella On the Way to the Ball ~ illustrated by Ruth Ives, 1954

Hansel and Gretel

A vintage postcard showing Hansel and Gretel and The Witch. She asks in both German and French.who is nibbling on my little house? Postmarked and Oosterbeek

Cecily Mary Barker

Cicely Mary Barker: The Song Of The Holly Fairy, Flower Fairies of the Winter: O, I am green in Winter-time, When other trees are brown; Of all the trees (So saith the rhyme) The holly bears the crown.

M.W. Tarrant1 - Elfen & Boeken

≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries - Margaret Tarrant

The Ribwort Plantain Fairy, by Cicely Mary Barker.

Do You Believe in Fairies?

The Ribwort Plantain Fairy, by Cicely Mary Barker. Male Fairy Art is difficult to find. So whimsical.

Walter Crane~ King Arthur's Knights

oldbookillustrations: Perceval obtains the shield of the beating heart. Walter Crane, from King Arthur’s knights, retold by Henry Gilbert,.