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She thinks she is hid

She thinks she is hid

Facts and trivia about the Maine coon cat.

The Maine Coon Cat

Facts and trivia about the Maine coon cat. "My Rusty is a Maine Coon. These were interesting facts to know.

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8 Cats That Are Prettier Than Most Humans

Cats with big eyes absolutely hypnotize me. My Violet is a silly thing with little personality, but when I catch her gaze I just love her to pieces!

- What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Meet Lily The Cross Eyed Cat, Who Looks Permanently Confused.

30 Things You Didnt Know About Grumpy Cat. She is neither fantasy, nor sci fi, book, nor tv, nor movie, but I loves her.

The Ultimate CAT CARE Guide

Warrior Cats- She's Crazy Dude (REAL) by whatchyagonnado.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I didn't know Deviantart would be so gosh darn confusing. Lionblaze, Dovepaw (at the time), and Jayfeather. Warrior Cats- She's Crazy Dude (REAL)