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walk a dog...if you don't have one, go with a friend.  Or knock on the Albis' door

walk a dog. Or knock on the Albis' door

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Stunning Photos Of Baby Animals In The Womb Adorable! Cute Baby Animals at Myrtle Glen Farm Adorable !

Lucky-fishing-day-Grizzly Bears!

'Lucky Fishing Day' - photo by Nikolai Zinoviev, via "Bear Mom bit a piece of salmon she had just caught, when [her] two cubs ran by screaming, roaring, demanding their piece. Mother gave in by sharing fish with her kids.

Baby Panda Takes First Steps: San Diego Zoo's Adorable Cub Learns To Walk

San Diego Zoo Releases Video Showing Fluffy Little 'Sausage' Blinking His Eyes, And Taking His First Steps

A old hippo with his mother Maruska showed to public for the first time at the Prague's Zoo in Prague, Czech Republic, Tuesday, June

Een juiste naam kiezen voor je hond | Artikels | Hondencentrum

Pet Care - Dog Care, Cat Information and Fun Animal Facts - Woman's Day

Running Girl Health & Fitness Sale Beachboy and Shakeology!  #shakeo #shakeologysale #shakeodeals

Running Girl Health & Fitness Sale Beachboy and Shakeology!

Rick Smolan & Natasha

Rick Smolan: Natasha’s Story

Last year at ideaCity Natasha Pruss and Rick Smolan told the incredible story of their friendship. It was one of our favourite presentations and we're glad we can share it!

happiness tips, clean eating, workouts and princesses=the best!  eBook with tons of great info and fun material

I had a blast creating this clean eating healthy ebook! Inspired by your favorite princesses and full of healthy recipes, fitness and inspiration.

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American Kara Goucher beating marathon world record-holder Paula Radcliffe of the UK, NBD. This was Gouchers first half-marathon in