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"Unnamed Road" by Jungjin Lee ©Andrew Bae Gallery

Ryoji Ikeda [Profile] - Music, Time and Space..

Ryoji Ikeda [Profile]

Japan's leading electronic composer Ryoji Ikeda focuses on the minutiae of ultrasonics, frequencies and the essential characteristics of sound itself.

Seeing your reflection but also whats beyond https://www.behance.net/gallery/17546517/Illusion-Device

Artist Kim Byungkwan imagined in motion, with great intelligence and enormous talent, various representations of the Venus de Milo, thus offering with Illusion Device to reinvent this monument of culture exhibited in the Louvre Museum.

Orion {Noah Siano}

An entry from Quite Continental

Like a galaxy of swirling storms, this color-enhanced image of Jupiter was acquired by our @NASAJuno spacecraft: go.nasa.gov/2o9I6MJ

This enhanced-color image of a mysterious dark spot on Jupiter seems to reveal a Jovian “galaxy” of swirling storms. Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Roman Tkachenko

Masao Yamamoto - 3

Fotografía conceptual // Conceptual photography (by Masao Yamamoto)