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New Study Finds Extreme Longevity in White Sharks: Age estimates were up to 73 years old for the largest male and 40 years old for the largest female.

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Geat White

Do I really think sharks are beautiful? Powerful, graceful and sleek, the Great White is the King and Queen of its domain. Its beauty lies in its strength.


SHOWING ink-black eyes and teeth as sharp as kitchen knives, this is the picture that proves just why the great white is the most feared ocean predator.

Ces 15 choses insolites que vous ne savez peut-être pas sur les requins

Ces 15 choses insolites que vous ne savez peut-être pas sur les requins

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Fish World News - Popular Skolar and entrepreneur Krafty Katt facilitated a sale of a unique shark to an undislosed American Aquarium. After subtracting Krafty's brokerage fee, the proceeds will be divided between KKPS and Feral Island.

Basking Shark

Basking Shark - the bulbous nose and giant mouth on this shark makes him kind of cute 🐋 Plus, it only eats plankton.

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Carcharhinus melanopterus - Black Tip Reef Shark

Blacktip reef shark videos, photos and facts - Carcharhinus melanopterus

Strangest class picture of all time? Nope, just a little tourism. A 12-foot-long female tiger shark shows off her size above a row of SCUBA divers at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, a popular ecotourism spot. There have been worries that these eco-tourist spots disrupt sharks' natural wanderings by making them overly dependent on the chum that tour guides throw out to attract the giant, predatory fish. But new research suggests that's not the case. In fact, responsible eco-tourism may benefit…

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A large female tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) circles a group of divers at a popular dive-tourism site, nicknamed "Tiger Beach" in the Bahamas.

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