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" [Suffrage opposition propoganda] implied the lady wants to vote because she couldn’t get a date."

The War on Suffrage

"Girls I Didn't Marry--The Suffragette." Anti-suffrage poster portraying suffragettes as ugly and violent women, and suffrage as being ruinous for American families.

Ok, this is a little creepy...

Now and Then: Getting Women to Vote

League of Women Voters Poster, Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Records, Archives Accession Library of Virginia.

Can we just be clear that the suffragettes protested and went to prison and were…

The Easiest Way


Anti-suffrage postcard from the Suffragist Era: The women here are smoking, playing poker, and eating chocolate while the man cleans and tends to the baby

Poster for a women's suffrage march.

Official program woman suffrage procession Woman suffrage procession, Washington, D. March Cover of program for the National American Women's Suffrage Association procession.

"Suffratists on the War Path -- Jump on him, he's only a mere man!"  Ironically, it was police, or mail bystanders, who might beat demonstrators, including famous riots such as in Washington DC and London where police stood by while male crowds beat marchers.

This is an anti-suffragist cartoon showing suffragists trampling over someone just because he is a man. The title is Suffragists on the War Path, which is trying to make the suffragists seem like a bunch of crazy women, which it wasn't.

" Sadly, the old calling-a-feminist-ugly angle isn’t a surprise at all."

How To Tell Your Woman To Stay In The Kitchen

Anti-suffragette poster with the caption: "At the suffragette meetings you can hear some plain things - and see them too!

Hace alrededor de un siglo y medio, las mujeres comenzaban a rebelarse para reivindicar un derecho tan básico como el de votar. A finales del siglo XIX, no había santo varón que no se escandalizase si su esposa decidía compaginar la atención de las tareas de casa o el monopolio en la crianza de los […]

Absurd propaganda postcards warning men about the dangers of women’s rights, early

"I've a dandy hubby who works and votes for me." Why should I bother my pretty little head about politics?

“I Want To Vote But My Wife Won’t Let Me!” Check Out These Vintage Suffragist And Anti-Suffrage Postcards

Suffrage Victory Map

Women's Voting Rights Map, Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Records, Archives Accession Library of Virginia.

Vintage Anti-Suffrage Postcards (click thru for analysis)

The Anti-Suffrage movement was unflinching with misogyny and anger. *jr Vintage Anti-Suffrage Postcards (click thru for analysis)

C1910 Bamforth 1240 Suffrage Suffragette Post Card Henpecked Husband | eBay

The inadvertent insight offered by anti suffrage material? They acknowledge that the lives of many women could be equated with slavery or indentured labor. Vintage Anti-Suffrage Postcards (click thru for analysis)

Women's Rights, C1911. /nenglish Poster Advocating The Vote For Stock Photo, Royalty Free Image: 95459379 - Alamy

Suffrist - Propagandist poster 'The vote, John Bull, my umbrella protects us all!' Refers to women not being protected by their husbands' votes.

History Tunes; also cheesy, but informative :)

Pro-suffrage poster circa The man is burdened by all the different rallying cries of the varying parties and his wife says: "Won't you let me help you?

Placard is emblematic of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia's "Votes for Women" campaign throughout the 1910s. Cartoon drawing of a young girl in a trefoil espouses Revolutionary War slogan, "No Taxation Without Representation". Cartoon signed, "Wall". Original Author: Wall, artist; Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Created: 1910–1919 Medium: Placard

Comic anti-Suffrage Postcard "Votes for Men" - "Men are the generals but we get ATTENTION.