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Nova Gallery » Blog Archive » Pick of the Day - ‘Bunkers’ by Alex Fradkin

Nova Gallery » Blog Archive » Pick of the Day - ‘Bunkers’ by Alex Fradkin

KAGADATO selection. The best in the world. Architecture. ************************************** Old Bunker - Architecture

abandonedstructures: “ Abandoned bunker located in Albania. Built during the regime of the dictator Enver Hoxha, the socialist leader of Albania from 1944 to who was paranoid about his country.

Near Utrecht in the Netherlands. by Erick de Lyon.

Rietveld Landscape & Atelier de Lyon : Bunker 599

Bunker 599 by RAAAF and Atelier de Lyon. Second World War concrete bunker cut in half.

Sinking in Bunker Archeology by Paul Virilio

Bunker Archeology

Bunker Archaeology book by Paul Virilio .German WWII bunker on the coast of France. Bunkers are the dinosaurs of architecture giving us a look of the very beginning of architecture.

Modern glass house in Texas with living roof

Modern Weekend Ski Home

Architect: Thomas Bercy On Austin’s outskirts, where urban, industrial, and rural collide, lawyer and science-fiction author Chris Brown’s bunker-style home redefines modern city living. From Dwell magazine.

EUD I Svetlana Radovic: Zlatibor Hotel, Uzice I 1981

If you looking for some monuments that belongs to strange brutalist architecture style, in Uzice you will find some of them.

Cruelty of Concrete: Harsh Architecture in Berlin

next building: looking like a cinder block set on top of logs the forum hotel in poland was considered to be one of most futuristic buildings in the city. the four star hotel featured perks unknown in soviet poland. by designboom

1969 Sárospatak, Bodrog Department Store | Makovecz Imre

luminaport: “Sárospatak, Hungary Bodrog Department Store, built by architect Makovecz Imre in ”

Urbanisme, Architecture et Politique, Luttes Urbaines, Émeutes Urbaines, Villes et Révolution, Architecture, Paysage

Bunker Archeology Paul Virilio Princeton Architectural Press 1994 The ‘Todt front’: The overhung solid mass complements the vertical gradings of the embrasure

Bunker House / Estudio Botteri-Connell

Gallery of Bunker House / Estudio Botteri-Connell - 13