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This is what I find most irritating when people react to my being pro-choice. No, I don't think everyone should get abortions. I think you should be able to CHOOSE what is right for you.

yes, I am pro choice. No, pro choice is not a synonym for pro abortion (although I am for safe and accessible abortions for those who choose to have them)

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weheartit.com/... http://ibeebz.com #singingfunny

weheartit.com/... http://ibeebz.com #singingfunny


Martha Plimpton on

Special needs advocate

On behalf of all people, let us all end the war on our plates and our glasses and join the peace and compassion force and love one another. Enjoy a life of love and integrity. I thank you in advance for your positive actions.

The elite were desirous for the Tea Party to win more seats in the congress. There are many differing reasons why they want this, but one of the reasons is so that they may create an even greater gridlock where nothing can be accomplished or new laws passed and all of this because it is more desirable to rule by fiat, or edict, and if congress is unable to act then the president will cause some things to be implemented without the need for the approval of congress.

"In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." FD Roosevelt-Obama is not "just incompetent" he has an agenda!

Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts

Funny what makes a Republican cheer... It makes me sick. Is being a Liberal a pre-existing condition?

Vick C. on

From a New York Times editorial on Republicans celebrating passage of shutdown plan


Reminding others (and ourselves) that feminism is not the dirty word. I am a feminist and I'm proud of that.

Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change? : NPR

Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

For some climate activists, the personal decision to have a child is also fraught with moral consequences: the negative impact on the environment, and on the quality of life for those children.