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Teaching "Good" Eaters: 7 "Last Minute" Homemade Gifts for Kids

I love seeing all of the wonderful homemade gifts that people make this time of year. I admire the projects and even pin them, but I k.

DIY Kids Hotel Activity Pack. Creative activities for kids while you travel.

DIY Kids Hotel Activity Pack

DIY Kids Hotel Activity Pack - Everything fits in a pencil case - Multi-use items that can keep kids entertained for hours in a hotel room *LIfe size games*

DIY your own personalized game of Guess Who with this tutorial.

What to Make This Weekend: Personalized Guess Who, Corner Organizer + More

Add the Bi-Carb Soda via the funnel for self-inflating balloons

DIY Lava Lamp, Erupting Volcano & MORE. Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Awesome Homemade Sequence Game!

I made my guy a Sequence game for Christmas this year. We had good memories of playing it with friends in our pre-children days, so I thou.

Kids' Craft:  Pipe Cleaner Monkeys! Pipe cleaners, wooden beads, googly eyes. Love how posable they are.

Kids' Craft: Pipe Cleaner Monkeys!

Here’s a fun monkey craft for kids of all ages! Grab some pipe cleaners and some wooden beads and transform them into a cute posable monkey. The monkey can even hang onto a pencil!

Homemade Essential oil lip balm #oils4everyone

Homemade Natural Lip Gloss

Homemade lip gloss that doesn't use Vaseline or a double boiler. 1 teaspoon paraffin wax 4 teaspoons coconut oil 4 teaspoons petroleum jelly 4 white or pink (or whatever color you like) candy melts teaspoon oil-based candy flavoring