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Really appreciated this picture by Stefano.

Really appreciated this picture by Stefano.

Illinois Senior Photographer

Words cannot even describe how much I loved Ali's session. This girl was full of fun and smiles- I think we were laughing the entire time!

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These two must be sisters, they look so much alike - how beautiful they are and how much joy they share. like me and my sisters. family is the closest thing to yourself. with whom can you be more happy and relaxed with.

Syrians Refugees

This is the mass exodus of people from Yarmouk (Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus that has been under siege by the Assad Government since Yarmouk, where ISIS is now trying to make theirs; that is the victim of barrel bombs launched by a brutal regime

This IS so powerful.

This child has nothing, including not even enough food, but the child is offering a sucker to the camera person. This has got to be one of the most heart warming photos I've ever seen ♥ Photo by Emil Leonardi - Sierra Leone,

50 Back to School Photography Tips and Ideas

50 Back to School Photography Tips and Ideas

50 Ideas for Back to School Photography - Tons of great tips and examples including props, poses, and senior photography ideas!

"¡Ojalá vivas todos los días de tu vida!" Jonathan Swift

This one of my favorite pictures - a Mongolian girl and her camel laughing together. Her camel is a Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel has.

A dressy look that's still low-key.  Make your mom proud.

Love the expression, love the framing, Love the lighting - rembrandt esque. Single source (probably an bank), with another light on the background.