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ORANGE WINE: "any white wine that's on the skins for more than three days." Orange wine, also known as "skin-contact wine," is made by letting the grape juice ferment with the skins and the seeds of the grape. it picks up qualities associated with red wine, like tannins, which can lend "rich, honeyed flavors that are at times nutty, with a vibe similar to sherry," as Miller said. But it can also turn out "yeasty and sour and cloudy."

What Is Orange Wine?

Have you heard of orange wine? Orange wine has nothing to do with oranges.

How to pair wine and chocolate..Chocoholics Wine Tasting!  http://www.PassionEveryday.com

How to Pair Chocolate With the Right Wine

Enjoy a wine tasting night for as an anniversary gift idea for your parents.

Orange Wine in the Vineyard. These are white wines made in a red wine style with extended skin contact to garner that extra colour, aroma and concentration. Some can be sensational. Others more akin to cider in aroma and flavour. With luck a few of the former, as delicious as this Orange Wine in the Vineyard was. This weeks Sunday Wine Shot is one such orange wine, taken in the Batic vineyards in Slovenia.

Photograph: a natural Orange Wine in the Vineyard, taken in Slovenia.

"Yes, You Can Drink Wine With Birthday Cake. Here's How!"

Yes, You Can Drink Wine With Birthday Cake. Here's How!

There is really only one ‘golden rule’ when choosing wines to match cake. The wine should be sweeter than the cake; and you should try to match flavor intensity.

For a sweeter wine, the Artesa Elements Wine 2003 is a six-grape blend that'll remind you of black cherry and chocolate.

Artesa Elements Wine 2003

artesa elements 2003 Black cherry and chocolate — a perfect pairing — come to mind with each mouthful of this six-grape blend (mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and merlot

Акция-бокал вина в подарок!!!

Potential method to control obesity: Red wine, fruit compound could help block fat cell formation

Wine glass with pepper photo

Food and Wine Pairings

Let three simple strategies guide your selections for wines that work with four fiery, flavorful dishes.

Chateau St. Michelle Riesling.  This is my fav wine. End of story. This stuff is fantastic.

This is my fav wine. "Still my fav wine too!

Budget Wines of the Week: 2012 Monte Velho Red & 2012 Monte Velho White Wine of the Week | The Kitchn

Budget Wines of the Week: 2012 Monte Velho Red & 2012 Monte Velho White

Budget Wines of the Week: 2012 Monte Velho Red & 2012 Monte Velho White Wine of the Week

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The healthiest wines are determined by the environment of the Grapes for the most part. What environments produce the healthiest wines?

The 6 Best Styles of Wine to Drink with Pizza

This week The Kitchn is awash with wonderful pizza recipes, pizza techniques, and pizza stories, so why not look at wines to drink with pizza