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The bejeweled, rock-chic aesthetic, rotting fruits of the argentinian artist Luciana Rondolini are amazing. In her project “Tiffany” she interrogates and explores the idea of beauty and value in a unique way. She draws parallels to real life by encrusting with diamonds pears, apples and bananas while the decaying inner flesh is deliberately exposed. Interesting.

The bejeweled, rock-chic aesthetic, rotting fruits of the argentinian…

Gastronomista - bejeweled fruit

Banana bling--Another banana thing. just what I need, some banana bling!

."There were the remains of trees that had fallen too; those collapsed long ago, decaying corpses of some forgotten gods, now sporting poisonous fungi and beards of dark green moss." --The Creaking Tree (Marquette)

de-preciated: “ Fallen (by nicholsphotos) Day Four: Hiking through old-growth forest on the north side of Douglas Island. This is the largest undisturbed old-growth forest in North America.

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Some of my poems are better than others. All of my drones fight wars undercover. None of my attributes' tribute to brothers. Most of my loves manifest under covers.

Toutes les tailles | St Olave's Gatcombe 175 Drain Pipe | Flickr : partage de photos !

This image shows growth through the color green and through ivy plant growing. Additionally it shows decay from the moss and rust on the water pipe. I like this photo as it is simply but shows textures and colors.

The palette of nature in decay.

Hermia: "Probably because my cheeks' roses needed rain, which I could easily give them with all the tears in my eyes." Act l, scene lines

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