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Hell Freezes Over

When hell freezes over., When hell freezes over. pics, Signs pictures, When hell freezes over. pictures, When hell freezes over.

Don't drink and drive!Call a cab, a cop, a doctor...but don't call the coroner!

The asshole who chose to drink and drive, put my brother in the morgue. Someone who never drank or did drugs in his life, killed by a selfish 3 time drunk driving offender. If u drink in drive, f*ck u!

That's a rather harsh punishment, wouldn't you say?

Funny Signs Vol. VII: More Crazy Names & Products!

OUCH, That's a rather harsh punishment. Spellcheck, you either hate it or love it, but when using it, ALWAYS proofread!

31 Insane Road Signs That Make No Sense Whatsoever (Slide #96) - Offbeat

31 Insane Road Signs That Make No Sense Whatsoever

20 Hilarious Examples Of Everyday Irony - Page 2 of 5

Anything with irony in it makes us laugh. The first statement is also an irony because it didn't make you laugh, and if we believe the first statement to be true, this second one didn't make y.

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Image result for humorous the indian way

This shop makes the most wonderful upcycled recycled wood signs. Hand painted I have them hanging in my studio. Love this shop. Funny quotes sign Shit Creek Survivor sign by KingstonCreations ¤♡¤ made it out without even a paddle!


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So true! Kids need to spend time "outside" playing with friends, that was an awesome part of my childhood. We were allowed to play until sunset and we did.


Now it's not like I want a seagull but I guess I'd have to say I want THIS particular seagull. Why? Because it didn't read the sign hence it broke a rule. It is a rebellious animal. And I love a rebel.