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For owners of teacup pigs. Check out these cute little piggies. A teacup pig is the same as a micro-mini pig or potbellied pig. Teacup pigs grow to about the size of a small spaniel around 65 pounds and inches long.

Own and love a pet mini piggy!

35 Cute Miniature Pig Pictures - Miniature pigs are also known as teacup pigs, micro pigs, mini pigs and these are intelligent and good house trained pets.

Careful Contemplation by These Painting Miniature Pigs (photography,animals,miniature pigs,cute,art,painting,pigs)

I will make my teacup piggies paint, and sell their art to support my teacup animal farm.

Ohhh! An up ear piggy!!!!! ❤️

23 Pickup Lines From Teacup Pigs

Cute Baby Piglet Farm Animals Barnyard Babies iPhone 5 Cases SOLD on Zazzle

Martha Stewart Pets #SuperFan: @prissy_pig

Furry Fashion Show: See Our Martha Stewart Pets #SuperFans

Daffodil pig

Pig Tail Photo: Spotted baby pig on straw bed smelling a yellow daffodil. This Photo was uploaded by

Soo cute! I want a teacup pig <3

OMG a baby pig eating ice cream is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I am not a what, but a who. I am not a something, but a someone.

Developed and used for medical research or as a pet, a miniature pig is also known as a micro pig or a teacup pig. These poor little animals have made headlines

These little piggies went out on the town and shook their groove thang....

This little piggy went to market. this little piggy stayed home. this little piggy had roast beef. this little piggy had none. this little piggy said whee whee whee all the way home

Miniature pigs

The reality of never being able to own a pet pig anytime soon kills me so much. Pigs are gods greatest creation. Having a piggy will make me/life complete. Ugh the struggles of not being able to have a pig.