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Zoe Buckman: Mostly It’s Just Uncomfortable

Zoe Buckman: Mostly It’s Just Uncomfortable

LA-based artist Paige Smith as she installed a BUNCH of her famous “Urban Geodes” around Philly in collaboration with HAHA MAG x Paradigm Gallery Community Arts Program… www.hahaxparadigm.org /  photo credit: Conrad Benner

Artist Paige Smith places her colourful ‘urban geode’ artworks in the crevices of LA and other cities

ORLY GENGER - Red, Yellow and Blue - http://art-nerd.com/newyork/orly-gener-red-yellow-and-blue/

ORLY GENGER Nautical Rope Madison Square Park in waves of Red, Yellow and Blue hand knotted ropes - a Madison Square Park Conservatory Square Art project.

Geode Street Art: Creating Crystalline Shapes Out of Paper by artist and designer Paige Smith of A Common Name via Jeannie jeannie

Urban Geode Street Art- created by artist Paige Smith. Small art installation made from shiny paper

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Street Gems by Paige Smith

supersonicart: “ Urban Geodes by A Common Name. Artist Paige Smith, aka A Common Name, (Previously on Supersonic) recently put up some of her fantastic “Urban Geodes” around the location of exhibit.

These Students Sneak Into A Classroom And Proceed To Do This Every Week... -   Misc

A mysterious duo of student artists known as Dangerdust create stunning works of art in chalk that they leave in classrooms at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

A Common Name's Urban Geodes - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

The urban geode project by LA artist Paige Smith AKA A Common Name is a series of small geode art installations made from shiny paper.

Cats I can deal with

Cats In Clothes was born when Heather Mattoon decided to paint her oh-so-sassy cat in a stylish trench coat. Each of these felines, sporting outfits that define their individual personalities, are adorable and hilarious.


Artist Hides Crystallized Geode Installations Inside Wall Cracks To Bring Life To Urban Areas