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No Soliciting Hungry Dog Warning Funny Sticker Door Sign Wall Home Decor Decal

fear the government that fears your gun

I understand the idea behind this but I will not fear my government, only prepare myself against it.

If Guns Kill People 2nd Amendment Vinyl Decal by BLCustomCreations, $6.00

If Guns Kill People (2nd Amendment) Vinyl Decal

If Guns Kill People, Then Forks Make People Fat, Pencils Misspell Words, And Cars Make People Drive Drunk.

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pick up lines < pickup trucks !

Gun Rights Isn't it interesting how contradictory a party can be.  They allow the murder of totally defenseless babies, but want to take our rights in the supposed protection of the very ones they ok to murder.

Obama logic (the unlogical logic of all)

creative no trespassing signs | Thread: Creative "No Trespassing" signs

creative no trespassing signs

Chevy Sucks Image Picture Code

Really Bad Car Crash Into House.

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This is a no brainer.For Eric Holder to insinuate "voter discrimination" simply for insisting on a photo I. shows how he will stop at nothing to make voter fraud happen.

84,999,987 Rectangle Decal on

84,999,987 Rectangle Decal

firearm owners killed no one yesterday



Okay so I know I can't personally relate to this, but it didn't stop me from LOL!! Too funny!  :)

Reason # 1001 for Sobriety. Many people drink alcohol to drown their problems. Unfortunately, problems are pretty good swimmers. And Alcohol is a liar. It promises to make things better but in reality makes them worse.

Trump says 'zero chance' he'll end White House bid #MAGA -

Andy Schlafly, As Donald Trump enters the stretch run of his campaign for president, who would have predicted that his major proposal would be an ingenious

Gun Rights = Civil Rights the-second-amendment