DIY Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk 101: Create Romantic and Edgy Steampunk-Style Jewelry

Mixed Media Making Steampunk-Style Jewelry DVD - Interweave ~ Jean Campbell is an amazing jewelry artist & teacher :)

Cool Raygun made of old radio and camera parts.  Step by step photos.

Make a Steampunk “Atomic Disruptor” Raygun from Old Parts from Hack n Mod linked from SteamPunk on FB

DIY Steampunk Goggles

Ever fantasize about wandering around a post-apocalyptic world? Learn how to make DIY steampunk goggles in this lesson.

Steampunk lipgloss title 550x826 Pocketwatch Lipgloss DIY Tutorial

Pocketwatch Lipgloss DIY Tutorial

Planning a steampunk wedding is all sorts of exciting, but planning a steampunk bridal shower might just be more fun. That's because you can give these Steampunk Pocketwatch Lipgloss Bridal Shower Favors out.

Ethis Crea: Nerf Maverick Steampunk Customization

Ethis Crea: Nerf Maverick Steampunk Customization _ best maverick customization so far. have to translate from French but well worth it!

a vinegar bath which speeds up natural oxidation (tip to steampunk DIY)

Yet another use for vinegar. A vinegar bath speeds up natural oxidation: tip to steampunk DIY.

Image result for steampunk headband

Want to learn how to make jewelry? Before you go cracking open your grandmas cuckoo clock, check out this easy tutorial for a DIY Steampunk Gears Necklace. Anybody can get in on the fantasy fashion trend with easy DIY like this one.