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Free stock photo of Decorative roof tiles on a wall coping in the Daitoku-ji temple complex in kyoto

Digital Photography of Nature and Wildlife, Scenery and Travel, Flowers, Macro and Art by Ron Reznick.

Portland Japanese Garden 3 BW http://www.dancornfordphotography.com/flowers-and-gardens/ #garden #portland #oregon #japanese #water #bowl #stone #basin #bamboo #fern

My Chicago Botanic Garden | Tag Archive | niwaki

Miyoko Solo and display a dragonfly in The Lost Castle

Gates leading in to the Lost Castle. The many gates are part of the mazes that eventually will get you in to the Donjon

Resident Boat Builders home in The Lost Castle and Miyoko Solo's Takase Boat

creation of the landscape and nature in The Lost castle

Tokae Light festival (Nara Japan) as seen in The Lost Castle world

Mōsō bamboo 孟宗竹 in the Zen temple Hōkoku-ji in Kamakura. Click though to get to the eBook!

Nagoya Yamasaburou House - Per Eriksson - Picasa Web Albums

Welcome area to the lost castle in opensim