Deinotherium | Zdeněk Burian (1905-1981) | Prehistoric Animals (1960)

Zdenek Burian 1905 ~ 1981 Prehistoric Animals Published by Paul Hamlyn Ltd ~ 1960

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Amebelodon by ~DiBgd the longest head. (not really but look at the picture)

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Deinotherium "gigantissimum" - based on skeleton from Early Pliocene of Moldova.


Behemotops proteus males fighting by the rocky intertidal of Vancouver Island near present day Sombrio Beach (Illustration by Carl Buell, background based on photo of landscape near Sombrio Beach by Brian Beatty)

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The Pyrotheria are a group of extinct mammals that lived during the Eocene and Oligocene in South America and had some similarities with the elephants. But they were not related to this, but are counted to the South American ungulates

Illustration of Carnivores of Pleistocene Australia - by Joseph J. Ortega

Wild and Wonderful Life on Planet Earth: Magnificent Mihirungs in Miocene Australia (Prehistoric Times March Issue

Indricotherium, the largest land "mammal" that has ever ...

Paraceratherium (aka Baluchitherium and Indricotherium), a gigantic hornless long-necked rhinoceros from prehistory that was the largest land mammal ever known to have existed on planet Earth.

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The Syrian camel, Camelus moreli, is an extinct species of camel from Syria.

Why DOESN'T anyone talk about the Quetzalcoatlus…it's more terrifying than the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox (look it up)

So, there's this online game called roblox, where the games are all made by players, and someone made this dinosaur RPG. My favorite Dino to be is this thing because it's an herbivore (easiest way to play) and it can fly really fast.

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See photos of Triassic period dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals from National Geographic.

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Fossilized skin from a Sauropod Dinosaur embryo.

Gomphotherium, meaning "welded beast", is an extinct genus of proboscidean which evolved in the early Miocene of North America from to million years ago, existing for about 10 million years.

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