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Reminds me of my mom. she works for Dr Pepper and lives in Dallas

You know you're a Texan when. Pepper is holy water - funny quote, Texas. I am not from Texas but this is true to me!

"Given enough ____ I could rule the world" free poster printable from 30 Handmade Days (Dr Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, Chocolate, Coffee, Frozen Frosting, and Frosting variations)

Dr Pepper Printable: Given Enough Dr Pepper I Could Rule the World

Given enough ____Diet Dr Pepper______ I could rule the world. Printable from (Dr Pepper, Diet Coke, chocolate, frosting,etc)

my first taste of Texas still lingers on,

This and all my Texas prints come in Longhorn Burnt Orange! Texas is Calling and I Must Go Quote by SarahACampbellDesign,

You Know You're A Texan When...

:) This is so true! Just drove to GA and back again and I kept wondering where are all the trucks? Got an hour outside the TX & LA border and there they were.TEXAS plates headed back to the LONE STAR STATE!