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Hmm...that's a short list. But a funny thought. It may have even happened one before. Haha

I wonder whose arms would I run and fall into if I were drunk in a room with everyone I have ever loved [ quote it ]

© Copyright Banksy: Barely Legal

© Copyright Banksy: Barely Legal

Susan G. Komen is a fraud, they are a for profit charity of the worse kind (click picture for details)

Susan G. Komen Foundation Kicks Off P.R. Rehab by Promoting Pink Handguns (UPDATE)

Not buying any more of their pink crap. There are other breast cancer charities who won't put politics before women's health.

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charles bukowski quotes - ((Ashe never looked nice. she looked like art! art was supposed to MAKE you FEEL something.

Bill Murray

This Bill Murray stencil can be seen when you come off the Main Street bridge

Postcards From Oceania 17

Les installations étranges d'Isaac Cordal

Les installations étranges d'Isaac Cordal

Sculpture / installation : isaac cordal "waiting for climate change" at

gothic spray paint - Google Search

marcorea: MARCO REA - La Sacerdotessa - spray paint on cover magazine.