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Help! My baby girl needs a name |#babynames #babycenter #girlnames

Help! My baby girl needs a name

Sloane - one of my fave names, since watching Ferris Bueller in the -LS


Cool Baby Names

There are so many beautiful classic 'R' names for girls! We're still obsessed with Rachel and Rebecca, but we're option to newer, more unique options as well. Robin, Raquel, and Rosalie are also elegant names!

Girl Names That Start With R

If you're looking for R names for your baby girl, we've got hundreds—from classics like Ruth and Rachel to trendier names like Roxy, Rose, or Rhianna.

We love these beautiful baby names! From Lily, Lisa and Lila to Liberty, Layla or Lynn, there are so many unique and rare names out there for your little one.

Girl Names That Start With L

From lovely Layla to luminous Luna, we have a ton of great L names here—one of which is bound to be perfect for your little lady.

Beloved Baby Names: Name Crush Monday: Maven

I normally try to alternate boys and girls names, but I'm going break that pattern th.

Nature-Inspired and Adorable

25 Baby Names Inspired by Winnie the Pooh

Find the perfect name for your little hunny with these 25 nature-themed baby names inspired by Winnie the Pooh!

Channing / Chanelle / Charissah / Charinnah / Carmine / Alinna / Aria / Allissia / Arrianna / Cenyia

21 best ever nicknames – and the baby names that go with them!

You love Gabriel, but what about Gabe? Josephine is lovely, but you might not be so crazy about Jo. Expectant parents agonize over finding the perfect baby name, but it’s often the nickname t…

50 Unusual (Yet Appealing!) Baby Names We Love | Disney Baby

50 Unusual Baby Names for Boys and Girls We Love

I set out on a quest to find baby names that were unusual but still attractive. Names that you don't forget -- in a good way. Click through for 25 boys names and 25 girls names that fit the bill!