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We put the LION in dandelion.... Why do they get called "weeds". I love them!

Dandy lion fun photoshopped pictures of animals merged with plants

Fiitrii XOXO: Colorful Tumblr :)

Explore places only your imagination can go with the Surreal Territory Windows theme.

China zhen

Chen Zhen - Purification Room objets-trouvés, clay, 260 x 600 x 530 cm

Holy crap! The most beautiful Petri dishes I've ever seen... where Science and Art collide.

Klari Reis has an ongoing project called The Daily Dish Every day she posts pictures of her stunning hand-painted petri dishes which resemble live bacteria samples.

1- Indian Bull Frog

Absurd Plantimals: the mixed up results of combining plants with animals - Telegraph