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Reality vs Expectation

Reality vs Expectation yea thats meeko and probably milo too Nelson Hill zlotkowski

The Best Of “Expectations vs. Reality – 35 Pics

Funny pictures about Falling asleep on the bus. Oh, and cool pics about Falling asleep on the bus. Also, Falling asleep on the bus photos.

Gamer Girl

Gamer Girl

Expectation vs reality

Expectations vs Reality With Cats…

Expectation vs reality

The funniest, best, and most true expectations vs. reality pics and animated gifs!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics LOL I put this same black and white tie on Zooey hahahah hilarious

More from Expectations versus reality. Share your Fail Cats on Cat Memes!

Expectation VS Reality

Expectation VS Reality

Expectations Continue To Never Match Reality And We Never Learn. Photos) - Likes

Expectation vs reality dog pin

Expectation vs reality dog pin

Bro My God - Google+

Funny Pictures of Animals: Funny Dog Images, Cat Photo and Horse Pictures

I myself only go to watch at superbowl parties for the awesome food

I agree with the cat.

OMW! This is probably one that I can relate to most! Lol

I'm scared of the cat in the tagged photo! Probably Satan's cat!

expectations vs reality (11)

Funny pictures about The final scene in The Lion King. Oh, and cool pics about The final scene in The Lion King. Also, The final scene in The Lion King.

Ha ha ha

"Pigs in the Mud" Peanut Butter Fudge Cake - Expectation vs Reality

beach expectations vs reality... at least here in the Middle East..

Beach: Expectations Vs Reality>>>oh my gosh yes every time!


10 Prime Examples of Expectation Vs Reality

Dump A Day The Best Of Expectations vs Reality - 28 Pics

Reality Meme for cleaning your room. I wasn't expecting the running girl. I died.