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Picture of Devin Paisley

Beautiful Family @fashion_and_babies  Pic: brookeiseppi

The annual version of our rare baby names 2016 for girls is now out! Check out the latest suggestions in girl names that are not heard very often.

Micah says to get a tattoo  wade poezyn

Micah says to get a tattoo wade poezyn

.what are you doing? trying to survie of real dramatic, here give me your hand. thanks,  you got anyone? no come on then you can come back with us

Character Impression: Dawson -Alice's little brother

TEAGUE. THIS IS IT.>>>>>> that creepy Bastard || pfff pff pffff you shut your mouth

My Book Boyfriend Prince Ash from The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa

"Mason, stay with me!" I looked up and saw Andy walking towards me. I panicked, too injured to change back, then I saw his gun on the ground next to me. "Don't come any closer!" I warned, my shaking hand pointing the gun at Andy. "I bet you don't even know how to use that gun, Mutt." "Yeah? do you want to risk it?" He raised his hands above his head. "Go ahead. Shoot me."

"Mason, stay with me!" I looked up and saw Andy walking towards me. I panicked…

Scene from Sky: Norman Reedus-ISFP

Scene from Sky: Norman Reedus-ISFP

Pintrest: @Felicia_Bv_

Even though I want twin boys these two girls are adorable!

Ian & Nina

Nian - The Vampire Diaries

Callan McAuliffe  as Gabriel Lightwood?

Dream Cast: Callan McAuliffe to play Ian O'Donnell, the first person to welcome Elizabeth Hawthorne-Evans to new school. He is crazy about her and is very protective, especially when Colin Grant is around.

Olhos lindos

Nose ring, pretty eyes, and natural hair

Character inspiration for azalea...if azalea ever smiled.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Stella Hudgens, Actress: 16 and Missing. Stella Hudgens was born on November 1995 as Stella Teodora Chanel Guangco Hudgens.

THERE YOU ARE TRISTAN!!!!! At long last a proper picture of him. This is 90% accurate

Jax by feavre (Asher's face shape)

Jacob Dovlin He is Amalia’s older brother. He is Temperance and Acadia-Jane’s maternal uncle. He took his sister and nieces in when they needed a place to live. He did not want the girls to go to the Carnival but couldn’t talk his sister out of it. He has (Get Him Back Girls)

Character Inspiration - Truth (though this guy is a hair too old)

Dan Stevens (age 48) ~the loss of his wife effected him more than anyone could ever imagine. He loved her more than life itself. After she died he became a changed man. Cold. Unresponsive. Harsh. Even cruel sometimes. He believes that the person hit her on purpose and he must find out who did it. Justice will be found no matter what the cost.

LEVI STEVENS- teacher Depressed and cranky. Wife died in a car crash 2 years ago.

heterochromia - Google Search

Josh Henderson (Dallas - heterochromia: one blue eye, one green eye