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Polar bears around an ice hole, like petals around a rose. The game is in the name, and the name is in the game. How many polar bears do you see? Just saying, I'm an official polar bear member, officiated by miss Hannah Guyer if I recall.

SOUTHERN TAMANDUA ~ from South America. This animal has an elongated snout and is covered in creamy yellow-brown fur. They grow to lengths of 21 to 35 inches, with tails up to 16". Generally, they weigh between 7 and 19 pounds. Their main defense are their sharp claws.

SOUTHERN TAMANDUA Tamandua tetradactyla ©nagashima Tamandua tetradactyla is found in South America from Venezuela and Trinidad to northern Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay at elevations to

A very beary hug I #wildlife I #wildanimals via @KaufmannsPuppy

A very beary hug I #wildlife I #wildanimals via @KaufmannsPuppy

Let's all work together and try to get a control of global warming, the polar bear is losing it's natural habitat and is close to extinction because of the doings of humans.

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What do polar bears eat? In this article we are going to focus on the types of food that polar bears eat in the wild as well as in captivity.

Polar bear, polar bear what do you see?

"Incredibly intelligent animals, young polar bears learn quickly through their inquisitive nature. This cub was intrigued by its reflection and was studying it with great interest,” photographer Florian Schulz.


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