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These cats know how to master the art of "Sleep-fu"

These cats know how to master the art of "Sleep-fu"

"Sleep-jicu" a new move that whoes invented by ninjagos strongest cat - Fluffy! I bet Lloyd, Nya, Kai, Cole, Zane or Jay can't unlock that!

Shared Table for People and Cats. Would prefer as a coffee table since I don't permit the cats on the dining table

Let’s all bow down to Aurora, the Queen of Cats.

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Funny pictures about Sock Kitty. Oh, and cool pics about Sock Kitty. Also, Sock Kitty.

Happy cat. Soo Cute http://ift.tt/2hFlYco

Lykoi Cats The Werewolf Cat Everything You Need To Know

Post with 4974 votes and 366800 views. Toby's favorite part of going to the vet is sitting in this sink

ツ < HOW THEY DO THAT FACE?! xP.  But that kitten it SO adorable.

Top 30 Funny Cat Memes Cats Tap the link Now - Luxury Cat Gear - Treat Yourself and Your CAT! Stand Out in a Crowded World!

Once a cat has chosen his human... GAME OVER!

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas That Make A Statement!

Cats ♥ This is so true. Unless there are other cats involved and then the claws come out. They like to make sure no other kitty is aloud"their humans" affection.



cat lol - You eated my cookie?

You eated my cookie? It should be you ate my cookie but it's still so cute

every morning, say goodbye, every evening, say hi to a sad kitty.

Go to work. This is about right when I leave for work in the morning, so sad