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18 Questions to Ask About Your Worship Environment by Michael Bayne

In many ways Churches are very unique buildings and they need to be designed to meet a myriad of functions. Take a fresh look at your building, or an eyes-wide-open view of one that you are planning. Will it inspire or meet at mediocrity?




With Her On The Piano And Him On The Violin, You Have Never Heard ‘Hallelujah’ Quite Like This Before

With Her On The Piano And Him On The Violin, You Have Never Heard 'Hallelujah' Quite Like This Before

The Classic 'Hallelujah' Beautifully Transformed By Rob Landes And Aubry Pitcher

Alabama - Just A Closer Walk With Thee<br />Live In Fort Payne, AL

Country legends Alabama are praising the Lord through song. And hearing them sing one of my all time favorite's 'Just A Closer Walk With Thee', had me with my eyes closed and hands up in worship! Let it be dear Lord let it be.

Take A Closer Look At This Bouquet Of Flowers. It Has The Internet Talking For This Stunning Reason…

Co-Workers Stunned When Husband Sends Woman Flowers - They Thought He Was Dead

Share Jesus Without Fear

Share Jesus Without Fear

मिस्र के एक उग्रवादी गुट ने एक वीडियो जारी किया है जिसमें .....

Egypt's military has killed at least 47 militants in the North Sinai said sources to Reuters. According to the sources, apache helicopters killed 27 fighters

When ‘Sanctity of Life’ Includes the Right to Choose Death | TGC | The Gospel Coalition

8 Lessons God Is Teaching Me through Cancer


An Incredible Christmas Song For Anyone Who's Ever Lost Someone

I've never heard the harp sound so beautiful.. <3

I've never heard the harp sound so beautiful.

The Church body needs to be there to support single parents! Amen!

“Why Hold a Child Hostage to My Doubts?” The confusing, complicated desire of parents with no religion to raise their kids with faith.

If you're in need of a life change.... Turn to Jesus Christ! <3

Even during His dying moments, Jesus was determined to praise and worship His Father.

3 Biblical Women Who Took Big Risks For God: What We Can Learn

When it came time to make a decision, here are 3 biblical women who took big risks for God.