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white rhino

White Rhino - cannabis indica marijuana weed strain info and seeds

These herbal resources have helped me learn and grow tremendously as an herbalist.

Growing as an Herbalist: Helpful Herbal Resources

Salvia divinorum: flower

Salvia is a great looking plant that can really be an asset in your border. Its beautiful purple color long slender flowers combine greatly with other flowers and plants.

Former chairman of drugs advisory committee tells MPs Dutch-style 'coffee shops' would make people drink less

David Nutt: alcohol consumption would fall 25% if cannabis cafes were allowed

Trials of psilocybin blocked by drugs law red tape, says Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London

This picture was taken at Big Sur Cabin in California. I love the fence and the outdoor bathtubs. How relaxing is this under the trees near the beach...Glen Oaks Big Sur

A privacy fence surrounds a wood burning fire pit in a private courtyard with a pair of clawfoot soaking tubs in Big Sur, California.

20 Attention Grabbing Backlit Photos @ Exposure School

20 Attention-Grabbing Backlit Photos

Taking photos just before sunset allows you the opportunity to get a beautiful backlit effect. Backlit photos tend to work great with portraits, which makes the golden hour just before sunset a great time to shoot.

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Discovery Channel documentary Moringa - The Miracle Tree. The health benefits of this tree are amazing! Most likely found in the Filipino grocery stores and Hawaiis local farmers markets. AKA: as Kalamungai Tree health-nutrition