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Yes, busy writing your crazy ass into my plot!

Introverts - busy at the cellular level

Guiltroversion; the guilt from wanting to see no one and do nothing; to want to be completely alone and feel all your feeling, especially when you don't have the energy to explain to another person

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...the illusion of knowledge...

Lawrence Krauss on science, ignorance, knowledge, and the beauty of uncertainty.

escape room puzzles - Google Search

Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock - That little chain stands no chance against my maze rage when I'm in a hurry and trying to get out of my house.

INFJ discovering those four little letters can be life-changing ...

INFJ is the rarest Myers-Briggs personality type accounting for less than of the population. Top 10 Things Every INFJ Wants You To Know.

Not quite that extreme.... but pretty much

So true. It's why I'm constantly hurt over and over again cos I'm always on the"care deeply" side of things.

The beauty of human nature.

I fall in love regularly with observing the beauty of people that often goes unnoticed. People make such fantastic book characters.

So true

How true. The more deeply you feel, the more room u give to others to hurt you


I prefer tongue-tied knowledge to ignorant Loquacity, Margaret Bonhano, INFJ. Facts about me: I am an Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging. INFJ is the most rare of all personality types, representing less than of the world population.

Some people assume parts of my life but in reality they have no idea.

I share my life with those that want to be in it.