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My Ulla

My Ulla

DIY Cat Scratcher - Pawsify

This DIY Homemade Cat Scratching Post was just too darn awesome not to share! If you have a cat (or a few), they are sure to love this, as is your wallet. Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

My favorites are: 3.Under the Bed - put a comfy cat bed or 2 for alone time. 4. Wall Shelves. 7. Wall Mounted Cat Tree  8. Desk Cat Seat - or box, your cat likes to be close to you.  9. Closet Sleeper - this is cool. Cats like to think they have a hidey place that you don't know about! Source: Brookstone.com

10 Ideas To Create More Living Spaces For Your Cat - Page 8 of 10

Desktop Cat Seat - Cat nesting box keeps your pet close and comfy while you work / Brookstone

Baby slipper lobster

Baby Slipper Lobster by Peter Parks: This baby slipper lobster is completely transparent, though as the creature grows, a thick shell will cover it. The lobster’s bizarre eyes may confuse predators while it floats among plankton, or tiny animals.


Today I like...

Have a little one that is facinated by horses? Here are a few horse birthday party ideas to get you started!


This would be an ultimate dream come true on the bucket list to swim with blue whales.

I remember watching Dolphins swim as a kid....pretty far out from the shore.

Dolphins on top of a blue ocean wave curl, Photo Credit: US Pacific Fleet

Cool cat shelves

I really need cat shelves like this - My kitties would love them and they look cool too

Ulla eating again :))

Ulla eating again :))

Some cool kids room... via

Some cool kids room.