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Making eye contact is not as easy as it sounds. Be more comfortable with these super helpful techniques.

Saying I love you in a relationship can sometimes mean different things but it's important to think about your motives and reasons for saying the words.

Next Time Before Saying "I Love You", Think If You Have These 6 Things In Mind

If you are experiencing confidence problems we have a few suggestions to help you overcome these issues.

Confidence Problems? Learn How to Be Satisfied with Yourself

Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.

Study Discovers 7 Surprising Benefits of Holding Hands

Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation.

Cozy in our wales hotel room together and forever // couples goals // love you like mad // finally alone

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Ego is a rat on sinking ship of being. — amospoe: “The important things are learned in.

Stop doing these things and become the extremely attractive person that you are.

This Is How You Become Unattractive And You're Not Aware of It

Tips to help get out of a "funky" mood and stopping that sinking feeling.

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Seven dangers to human virtue: Wealth without work Pleasure without conscience Knowledge without character Business without ethics Science without humanity Religion without sacrifice Politics without principle

Which extra ability (other than the normal taste, touch, smell, vision and hearing) do you posses?

What is your sixth sense?

A teacher's intuition can't be denied, but it is sometimes hard to get a handle on. Let us explore your mind and reveal your true sixth sense to you!