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Blue Abyss   12x12 Canvas Painting

Blue Abyss - A Gentle Meditative Scene Dimensions: 12 inches x 12 inches by inches Acrylic dots on oil based background.

Поучна приказна: тајните за среќен и успешен живот

Christmas Budgeting Made Easy. AWESOME budgeting tool that is easy to customize for your family and friends.

Patriotic  10x10 Canvas Painting

Patriotic - A Celebration of Country and Community. This original painting is 10 inches X 10 inches x inches.

Coasters - Set of 2 - Purple Cabbage hand painted drinking coasters, abstract art, oil painted

Set of Two Coasters Hand Painted Abstract Wood

Coasters - Set of 2 - Blue Swirl Hand painted Wooden Coaster Set, Abstract Art for Living Spaces

30 Day Fat Burning Challenge

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Seven common vitamin deficiencies and what to do about it

Think you're suffering from a vitamin deficiency? Here are seven common types.

Through The Other Side

Through The Other Side Canvas Abstract Painting

SocialChamps - Google+ - Help is at hand, courtesy of those handy infographic from…

Social Media Network Guide (Dos / Don'ts) 2014 - The uses of the social network are based on customer communication, brand exposure, site traffic and SEO.



Fantastic review by the lovely Happy Healthy Mumma!

Exclusive interview with Dr Stephan Domenig about The Alkaline Cure, his work at the FX Mayr Health Center and about some forthcoming projects.

Interview with a Traveler    LeavingCairo.com

Leaving Cairo, the UK and back to Greece. Award winning teacher, travelled the globe now living in Winnie the Pooh & cat lover, completing my first