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Population dwindling: scientists have undertaken breeding programs to try to save the orange-bellied parrot.

Population dwindling: Scientists have undertaken breeding programs to try to save the Orange-bellied parrot:

An international team of scientists led by Duke University researchers has uncovered key structural differences in the brains of parrots that may explain the birds' unparalleled ability to imitate sounds and human speech.

Research by Duke University in North Carolina studied parrot speech. The study found that they have controlled vocal learning centres called ‘shells' (shown).


Eclectus parrots - Males green and females red - Native to the Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea and nearby islands, northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands.

orange bellied parrot neophema chrysogaster

Orange-bellied parrot (Neophema chrysogaster), female at nest with chicks.

Everybody and every birdie deserves a good home.

Photo courtesy of Suzie Barnes, these are two of the Angels from the Troy Ohio Rescue Case. Copyright © 2011 Deborah FeatheredAngels All rights reserved (My articles are free to repost, just do so …

Critically Endangered Puerto Rican Amazon parrot (Cotorra puertorriqueña) [scientific name: Amazona vittata]

Sunday Species Snapshot Puerto Rican Parrot - The only native parrot species still living in the U., these birds nearly went extinct in the second half of the twentieth century. By only 13 parrots remained.

Parrot Paints Abstract Parrot Portraits

Parrot Paints Abstract Parrot Portraits, For Parrots

Blu Lu, a blue-throated macaw, paints to raise fund for Bird Endowment, an organization that helps wild blue-throated macaws.

City Parrots -orange bellied

If you had to ask an average Australian the name of a threatened bird in this country, many would nominate the Orange-bellied Parrot. Critically endangered, and with fewer than 50 left in the wild, it…