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-"It's the worst feeling in the whole world."

It's very hard to hold back when having an anxiety attack in public. It's NOT an easy thing to do. While your may have multiple thoughtz and fears, you also think on how not to show you are having an anxiety attack.

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yeah, and people who don't have anxiety have no idea, because these are regular things. They don't understand how absolutely paralyzing it is.

Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the US alone.

31 Secrets of People Who Live With Anxiety

People with anxiety explain what they wish others understood about having an anxiety disorder in hopes of widening acceptance and empathy.

Anxiety feels like from @introvertdoodles

There's a difference between being being and being They are NOT synonymous; however, it's been shown that these traits often overlap. Being introverted means that you feel drained after social interaction. Being shy means tha

How to calm someone while they're having a panic attack.

Please use this with caution, if they're in a very high peak of the anxiety attack, hugging them, will only make it worse.

It is possible to live a good life with anxiety. Try these self-help tips to sooth your nerves.

Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatments.

Anxiety Self-Help Tips - Find more self help anxiety relief here:/anxiety-panic/anxiety-information/herbal-remedies-for-anxiety-herbal-supplements-for-anxiety/ -

Quote on anxiety: A panic attacks goes from 0 to 100 in an instant. It´s halfway between feeling like you'll faint and feelin like you'll die. www.HealthyPlace.com

Tony Stark and his anxiety attacks - this is so realistic. Another reason he's my favorite superhero - so many people can relate to this. And yet he keeps on doing brace things anyway.