"Titanic Paddling Pool" - Click pic to see 29 other amazing behind the scenes movie moments

That awkward moment when you find out Titanic was filmed in a plastic pool, and your whole life is an illusion. - i didn't know that it was filmed in a pool til just now! and it has ruined EVERYTHING!

Aladdin vs. Titanic..... Titanic doesn't end happily ever after unless you're fucking demented and see it that way... in which case... get help.

Aladdin vs. Titanic.

Funny pictures about Aladdin vs. Oh, and cool pics about Aladdin vs. Also, Aladdin vs.

I'm reeeaaaaaddddyyyyyy toooo paaaarrrrrttttttyyyyyy!!!!

Bridesmaids ~ Flight Attendant - "You ahve three seconds to go back to your seat. Annie - "You can't get anywhere in three seconds. You're setting me up for loss already.

Mean Girls--you go Glen Coco!!

I know people who think Glen Coco is a girl. Glen Coco is one of my favorite characters of all time. Barely there, but so important. YOU GO GLEN COCO!

Favorite Quote from the movie Princess Diaries 2:Royal Engagement!! I watched it tonight! Such a hilarious movie!!!

Favorite Quote from the movie Princess Diaries Engagement! I watched it tonight! Such a hilarious movie!


have fun living on the streets with ya BOOOYFRIEND! - teen mom i love u!

disney channel movies! oh how i wish these were still on!

Disney Channel Original Movies aka my childhood + Nostalgic moment.Old Disney Channel was so good. I miss all of these movies!


That one friend…

Hahahaha I'm that one friend When asked to preform "Fresh Prince" Will Smith doesn't miss a beat. Best friend photoshoot sister/bestfriend t.


Joker and Robin were classmates - Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as classmates in 10 Things I Hate About You -- That awkward moment when you discover that Joker from Batman and Robin were classmates.


Aladdin costume complete with a carpet and a skateboard underneath of it. This guy skated around and pretended to be Aladdin for Halloween.