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Luna Eclipse- is this where Krista got this from? I thought she was just misunderstanding me pronouncing Lunar Eclipse when i tried to show one to her!

MLP fluttershy angry

MLP Fluttershy is awesome. If she were an Avenger she would be the Hulk.<<<<>it's funny 'cause her character in the power ponies episode was based off of hulk

Thank god for mlpfim without it they'd all be blibbering sexist stereotypes that run fashion shows every episode and never fight anything

Old my little ponies vs new my little ponies. I remember the old rainbow dash but I have to say the new one is cooler!

I love ponies!!!

I saw where it was going, and totally didn't think it was funny, and the Rainbow Dash thing completely blindsided me. LOL Where did Rainbow Dash her wings go?