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Expectation is the root of all heartache

Expectation is the root of all heartache - Shakespeare. Illustration art quote Black and White life sad Typography design heart type wise Poster photoshop graphic design poetry saying

THIS! So much this... In fact, it's because I saw it coming that it hurts even more and still won't stop

Hell, I even kinda prepared myself for it! But when it happened it was worse than expected; and sooner. And all the preparation in the world would not have been enough.

OMG!! Taylor!! I almost do!! My song!! hgfgsetyhjjkkpopgshydfjmkifgd

You want to "be friends" , yet I don't like being lied to and lied about by my 'friends' , so I guess we can't be friends . Sad because you were my best friend! I still love you but I can't risk my heart.


But in my heart it was so real love love quotes quotes quote heart love picture quotes love sayings love quotes and sayings