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Unusual Thumb Portraits of Famous People

Arte na ponta do dedo por Dito Von Tease

<b>An Italian artist features strangely familiar portraits of famous personalities on the ordinary human finger in this lighthearted series.</b>

Hilariously Recognizable Fingerprint Portraits

Hannibal Lecter by Dito Von Tease

Funny finger

Ditology's Portrait Finger of Nichi Vendola

Pulgares célebres: Barack Obama.

Dito Obama, from the italian fingerprint artist Dito Von Tease


Ditology, Portraits of Famous People on Fingers


Ditology - Dita fotoritoccate come personaggi famosi.

You’ve got to love Italian artist Dito Von Tease. First of all, what a cool name (Dito Von Tease? Dabbling in what he calls ‘ditology’, h

Ditology en español Dedologia (suena mejor el termino en ingles, que en español....). Es el arte de pintar y decorar los dedos. Lo inicio Dito Von T...

Self Portrait 014

I Recreate Famous Faces On My Fingers

I Recreate Famous Faces On My Fingers

Famous Faces, Fingers, Artsy Fartsy, Girls, Finger

we come in peace :)

Take me to your leader.

Fingering the Greats | Hint Fashion Magazine

I Recreate Famous Faces On My Fingers

composition ◈ collage susana blasco série antiheroes vintage base photographie

Antiheroes par Susana Blasco

by susana blasco

Pulgares célebres: Mr. Bean

Pulgares célebres: Mr. Bean

::: Ditology :::

::: Ditology :::

‘Finger Icons’ manipulation series called Ditology by Dito Von Tease

By the italian artist “Dito Von Tease”. He has created the work called “Ditology”. The name for the collection is appropriate given that “dito” is Italian for “finger.“ The artist has retained his own anonymity by only showing his finger.

Self Portrait 017 | ::: Ditology :::

::: Ditology ::: by Dito Von Tease


::: Ditology ::: by Dito Von Tease