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Swords: The Development of Their Straight Forms During the Centuries

Post with 709 votes and 261809 views. Swords: The Development of Their Straight Forms During the Centuries

Here we have approximatley the second half of my LOTR weapon collection. Weapons of Middle Earth pt 2

I like this for a good modern design. It even seems to have a lock/release for the sword. I wanna check out cold steel

So peaceful! Oriental gardens must have 3 elements symbolizing heaven, earth (and man) and water. The rock represents earth (island), the ripples represent water, and usually a tree represents heaven (higher than the other two elements) So I was taught.

picsofhistory: @History_Pics: Different ways to...

Different ways to hang your sword. This serves as great reference material when designing weapons for characters.

A beautiful small dagger, Russia century. I want this design as the inspiration for the weaponry of my protagonist.

Pretty much done the weapons! Swords, axes, maces and warhammers. Colour is kind of placeholder for now until i start rolling out the models and materials

im curious to know how well this would actually work for small camping chores. It would be good all forms of chopping, I use my sog tomahawk for all forms of chopping.

Elven swords

Elven Weapons - Silmarillion by ~Atohas on deviantART. Most are derivative of the weapons we've seen in Peter Jackson's films, but some are wholly unique.which isn't the best thing for functionality. However, a majority of these are great sword designs.