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Turned Duck Calls (Mallard) for 2012 Concord Ducks Unlimited Banquet by Scott Turner

Turned Duck Calls (Mallard) for 2012 Concord Ducks Unlimited Banquet by Scott Turner

original.jpg (573×860)

original.jpg (573×860)

Costa Magarakis - Tel-Aviv, Israel artist - 'Follow Me'

Costa Magarakis

Mexed media Scorpion high heal Shoe by spiderjelly on Etsy. It's Mexed media and very scary!

Quikry: There is a pair of Maleficent shoes which are shiny black pointy-toed complete with her stylised headpiece and cape

Wicked shoes! Lady Gaga's favourite freaky footwear designer creates high heels inspired by Disney villains

Israeli fashion designer Kobi Levi makes brilliant shoes. His latest project was inspired by three female villains of classic Disney princess movies: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, the Evil Queen from Snow White and Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Dude.  I really wish I were brave enough to wear these to school!!  That would be awesome!!

"Flip-Flops" for the Fish Lover! So basically, the fish lovers wear dead fish around on their feet, uh, hello

Каблук от Коби Леви (Kobi Levi) израильского дизайнера обуви.

Chaussures à talon chien. Just a tiny bit pricy.

Fishing pole

I love this idea for my husband's office.and would be great for a "man cave" too. Very creative!Fishing Pole Picture Frame @ DIY Home Ideas.Good idea for my grandson's room, which is going to be fishing themed.

Custom HandPainted Super Mario Heels by magicbeanbuyer on Etsy

Hand-Painted Super Mario Heels - Size US - Ready to Ship I would obviously need these in 8 or depending on the shoe, but it's the idea I'm pinning more than the specific item. I would love a quirky pair of pumps painted in a video game motif!

Fowl Footwear by Shoe Designer Kobi Levi.

Fowl Footwear (Toucan, Mallard and Swan) by Shoe Designer Kobi Levi.

A clear white leather was chosen for the Stork to accent its majestic look and contrast with its shiny orange beak. The extra thin stiletto heel gives lightness to the large, heavy body and easily carries it.