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tejprulle collected Black ink tree tattoo on wrist in Fancy Tattoos. And Black ink tree tattoo on wrist is the best Wrist tattoos for 336 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about tree, wrist for girls.

Shel Silverstein's signature and a poem from his book  Every Thing On It

"there are no happy endings. endings are the saddest part, so just give me a happy middle and a very happy start." -Shel Silverstein Maybe not as a tattoo, but I love the quote

anchored... I like this.. Think maybe I need to ponder this... Maybe tattoo it on my body lol

i refuse to sink tattoo. I love it and am thinking thats what i want to for a new tattoo

Arvore do Reggae (significado paz e vida) | Tatuagem.com (tatuagens, tattoo)

Arvore do Reggae (significado paz e vida)

Daddy I love you tattoo

Awe :,( it's so sweet The man'a kid had cancer and died and he made his sons drawing a tattoo

nice ! thats art!

Beautiful “White Tree of Gondor” tattoo by swiftandspotlitstrangers. maybe the white tree of gondor is a cool idea?

tree of life tattoo - Google zoeken

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a tree tattoo behind the neck with roots.my roots would have a saying, that meant something to me, but made to look like the root of the tree

Beautiful! My idea (shape-wise) is most like the middle one. Love love! #tree tattoo #tattoo inspiration

I'm trying to get an idea of a tattoo for next year and I'm thinking of incorporating a tree! I've always loved trees and they remind me of my dad's love of gardening and making bonsais.

lyrics from Blackbird by The Beatles        Done by Rachie T, Two Hands Tattoo, Auckland, NZ My all time most favorite song<--this is so cool

My bro and I love the Beatles and this song.Black Bird- the beatles.always wanted a black bird tattoo

tree tattoo - fractal. This is so awesome AND nerdy

An image to bring together science and nature. The outline is the Mandelbrot Set. Inside the Set is the Tree of Life as interpreted by the tattoo artist, David Hale