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yay for ambigrams! www.mtaylorcopywriter.com @megan_l_taylor

70: Name ambigrams

yay for ambigrams! www.mtaylorcopywriter.com @megan_l_taylor

"Proud" by trainhitsboy

Typography inspiration

An ambigram is a phrase, a word or logo, written with a symmetry that makes it possible to read even upside down or backwards and today we’ve rounded up 23 designs that we think are especially good…

How to make your own ambigrams.

This looks like a math test I did very badly on. A few people have asked how I make ambigrams (I've only.

An Ambigram Gallery: 10 Examples of the Ambigramist's Art | StockLogos.com #typography

Ambigrams Revealed:A Graphic Designer& To Creating Typographic ArtUsing Optical Illusions,Symmetry and Visual PerceptionBy Nikita Prokhorov (New Riders)

11 Lovely Tattoo Ideas for Father

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Ambigram: Smile by swatter117 on DeviantArt

I went crazy this morning, I was THAT bored and decided to try make an ambigram.' In case you didn't know, an ambigram is a word that ca.