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... El regalo para mi amado es una yo más consciente. De esta manera él puede encontrarse a sí mismo mejor. Carola Arcadia.

Because of you I can feel myself slowly by surely.

Day 187 - Energy Bodies

Invocation and Prayer ☽ Navigating the Mystery ☽ Mystic Eye by Alex Grey

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The meaning of the physical world is realized to a beautiful dream symbol requiring our lucid participation, a show play cast by the transcendental sun. Art: Mystic Eye, charcoal, ink & gouache on paper

Vinimos a aprender y a transmitar....y así RE-cordar nuestras raices estelares

Alex Grey - Natural Energy 7 paints the energy emerging or coming in at the third eye, the Center for activation of Natural Energy 7

Художник Алекс Грей ( Alex Grey) (290 фото)

Художник Алекс Грей ( Alex Grey) (290 фото)

panel 5 "The essential Vajra teaching, Condensed in a rainbow sun, Transmits a fractal message, 'Wake up, Everyone!' The inspired yogi reaches For universal truth's jewel, Encoded in a heart drop, Or a crystalline molecule."

Carl Jung Depth Psychology: Carl Jung: The development of Western philosophy during the last two centuries has succeeded in isolating the mi.

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S Δ M Δ D H I @psyminds17

Nature of Mind - Alex Grey seven oil paintings on wood with sculpted gold leaf frame, 78 x 68 in.

Alex Grey Visionary : Foto

☆ Lilac :¦: Artist Alex Grey ☆ Anyone who has smelled a Lilac knows how great it feels.