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There's nothing sexier than a man in a well tailored suit.

where is this man? he is the guy for me! hair and beard, three-piece suit. hi sexy

He's carrying a bicycle...and is wearing a suit and looks purrty darn good doing it.

Tailored suit, skinny black tie and bicycle. How to commute to work in style.

can my guy be this stylish when he is old? Oh, please?

wooster × club collar suit men style the beard.

I don't know what it is...but I LOVE guys in suits!

The GQ Guide to Suits

ideas to suggest for slim fit suits The GQ Guide to Suits: Style: GQ

Imre Miller, except he wouldn't be wearing a suit and his hair is a bit more messy. Alias Legend.

Imre Miller, except he wouldn't be wearing a suit and his hair is a bit more messy.

Jon Kortajarena by Sergi Pons for GQ Germany

"Jon Kortajarena by Sergi Pons for GQ Germany." - The perfect look.

Tapered Brushed Up - Thick Men's Hairstyle -

28 Exquisite Ivy League Haircut Variations

Haircuts for Men, High Quality Photos to take to your stylist or barber. View thousands of Men's Haircuts now! "The perfect Men’s Hairstyle is just a Hairflip away.

The Absolution

Why is the three piece suit a standard for every man? Not only can the vest be used on its own but it can add depth to the suit when you wear it together. But lets not forget, when you give your jacket to a lady, you can still stay mostly warm.

LuxuryQueen72 | Weheartit

A gentleman's thoughts — A gentleman’s thoughts: .

yes, come home to me. <3 Michigan Man

Darren Criss of Glee in GQ's Summer Wedding Style Guide: Wear It Now: GQ or maybe this one with a black plaid shirt

This dapper look is perfect for a chic, city inspired wedding!

Not such a fan of the three piece suit. but his hair is unreal! Nice grey wool tie too!

hisandherblog:  Fit is Everything.

Men's' Khaki Chinos, Grey Leather Belt, Pink Longsleeve Shirt, Navy Blazer, and White Gingham Pocket Square

Seni pamuklara sarmalar sararım ne bedel isterim ne hesap sorarım nırınırım #harveyspecter #gabrielmacht

Gabriel Macht rocking another Tom Ford Suit. I want a job that just gives me Tom Ford suits

Matt Bomer ... Y U SO HAWT? lol. Definitely wouldn't mind him being Christian Grey...

Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey - White Collar and Christian Grey - 50 Shades of Grey