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Nauplius de un Cirrípedo

bogleech: “ thesumlax: “ dimetrodone: “ Nauplius larva in crustaceans are the equivalent of if human babies were born looking like this ” At least nauplius can look like a complete animal if you don&

Tardigrade - "Water Bear"

“Tardigrades (commonly known as waterbears or moss piglets) are small, water-dwelling, segmented animals with eight legs. Tardigrades were first discovered in 1773 by Johann August Ephraim Goeze, who called them kleiner Wasserbär, meaning “little .

Spanish hat jelly

Yes Explanation: Shared as a “Spanish Dancer Jellyfish”, this image is a computer generated fractal artwork made using a photo of a Spanish dancer, which is an orange-red mollusc and not a.

White Lined Dirona Nudibranch

Too bad I'm terrified of scuba diving cuz I would love to be floating around with all these beautiful underwater creatures! Nudibranchs - Underwater photography of seahorses, sea dragons, clownfish, coral reefs, fish & invertebrates by David Hall

Octopus. ocean's amazing camo-geniuses & escape artists extraordinaire!!! CHICAGO BEARS COLORS !!

Cephalopod: planktonic Octopus paralarva - figure from Cephalopods: A World Guide by Mark Norman.

copepod fashion show

See figure: 'Illustration showing diversity of copepod forms.' from publication 'Observing copepods through a genomic lens' on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

Luminous Bobtail Squid

Photos of the Luminous Bobtail Squid

Last year underwater photographer Todd Bretl took some delightful photos of bobtail squid showing off their bioluminescent abilities off the coast of the P

took my sister to an aquarium that always you to feed and touch them, most awesome thing to do w. a younger sibling, she will have those memories forever, It was so much fun!

Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands is still on my bucket list. Love to watch stingrays swim. So beautiful and graceful.

Cartoon elements make learning the periodic table fun! This is so COOL!!!

Cartoon elements make learning the periodic table fun…

Funny pictures about Cartoon elements make learning the periodic table fun. Oh, and cool pics about Cartoon elements make learning the periodic table fun. Also, Cartoon elements make learning the periodic table fun.

A glass home for Mr. Crabs.

A glass home for Mr. Crabs.

Crabs in Glass Houses.Scientists at the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre placed glass shells into a hermit crab tank. The crabs moved into the glass shells shortly after, allowing scientists to study the crabs.

Philippines - Tropical Underwater Wonder World

Coral - Sea Tunicates (Clavelina picta) - Painted tunicate - purple colony on soft coral - Alacranes Banc, Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan, Mexico (Photo by Luis Javier Sandoval on Getty Images)