James Gulliver Hancock, an Australian illustrator living in Brooklyn draws the many buildings in NYC

An illustrated NYC

French boutiques  Ink watercolour and collage by lynseyhunter, $20.00

French boutiques - Ink, watercolour and collage illustration

These quirky illustrations are the work of Australian born artist James Gulliver Hancock. The Big Apple is one place that is not short of beautiful archite

Illustrated New York - James Gulliver Hancock

All the buildings in New York - An attempt to draw all the buildings in NY by James Gulliver Hancock

Arguably New York City’s narrowest house, the historically significant Millay Home on 75 Bedford Street provides some uncommon design inspiration for even the most space challenged city dwellers.

James Oliver Hancock - All the Buildings in New York - 194 Bleecker Street

All the buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock, Australian illustrator living in brooklyn and drawing the city one building at a time Cute art work, very illustrative.

From A to Zorro Unique Metal posters by Jacques Maes, by buying 1 displate, we will plant 10 trees.

Jacques Maes - Illustration by Jacques & Lise This font should be called Sectumsempra

Tommy Cinquegrano - Google Search

Tommy Cinquegrano posters and prints multiple exposures illustration buildings

Neil Webb

Neil Webb