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talking trees

My respect for the Cryptcrawler is huge, love his work. (Magic the Gathering: Dryad Arbor by Cryptcrawler on deviantART)

Mother God Azna - Many names and other references of the divine feminine

Mother God Azna - Many Names and Other References to The Divine Feminine

The Elemental Ballet: Earth - Jonathon Earl Bowser

Elemental spirits that inhabit various places in nature are called sprites or nymphs, names that are used interchangeably. Description from cynthiasfairiesandme.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Organic Teleportation

Dryads - Spirits of the Forest

This is my entry to the Twisted Fairy Tale Contest[link] by Stock credits: This artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or. Dreams of you

Beltane Trees

Beltane Symbols Of beltaine on may

Entwive Yavanna by izuniaaafoto

"Even the hard-hearted dryads will weep for you"

DIONE The Titaness mother of the goddess Aphrodite. She was a prophetic goddess, associated with the great oracle of Zeus at Dodona

A dryad is a tree nymph or hylas , that is a female spirit of a tree, in Greek mythology.

Forest nymph

Canotila- Lakota myth: a race of forest fairies or elves that live in the trees. They had high respect for the forest and would hunt anyone who mistreated their territory. They could take on tree-like characteristics to camouflage witht the forest.

A richly symbolic image depicting the Celtic ‘Horned God’ Cerne or Cernunnoss in passionate embrace with his consort, The Goddess. Cerne is traditionally Lord of the Animals and The Goddess is generally associated with the ‘Sacred Forest’ of all life on Earth. The forest needs animals to spread seeds and pollinate flowers, and animals need forest to provide food/shelter. As such, neither can survive without the other. By Beau Raven: http://www.redbubble.com/people/beauravn/works/437481

Celtic ‘Horned God’ Cerne in embrace with his consort The Goddess. Cerne is traditionally Lord of the Animals and The Goddess is associated with the ‘Sacred Forest’

Made by: Frank Robert Dixon , Headrest

This is a fantasy painting of a treetch (tree creature) who is frustrated because he got his roots stuck in the ground, and he can't pull them out and go on an adventure! Painting by Frank Robert Dixon.

Ive Freya

Image detail for -. backwards through the cosmic mirror - Artist : Helena Nelson Reed


Peacocks in the forest HD Wallpaper


"I think this would be an amazing peace of art for the ranger's apprentice books.

nymph greek mythology | greek mythology net oreads nymphs of mountains and grottoes

Earth Fairies-This is great!

A little something we have created for any players who are new to the game #mtg #magicthegathering

Magic The Gathering [Infographic]

Magic The Gathering coffee mug. I want this to be my first thrown mug...

Christmas Crafting, Part 2

Magic The Gathering coffee mug. I want this to be my first thrown mug.