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i will be getting this when it comes out later this year.  The watch syncs with your phone via Bluetooth and shows calls, texts, email, and runs a bunch of different apps.  SO COOL!

Allerta intros Pebble smartwatch, inPulse's attractive younger sibling

pebble watch android device pebble watch kickstarter pebble smart watch E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android The Pebble e-paper .

How to Host a Cookie Swap, - Who wants to come to my house and swap some goodies before Christmas??

How to host a Cookie Exchange - {TIPS}

How To Host a Cookie Exchange.would alter the rules a little bit for my gluten free friends!) Like because it has ideas for extra games and pizazz!

Münster, Germany! My Home ! :) (Best Christmas Markets)

The town I was born in - Münster, Germany. Münster is one of Germany's most appealing smaller cities, with a history, a town center that blends the medieval with modern, and the lively atmosphere that comes from having a university with students.

Ronald Weasley<<  I love Ron Weasley. He is most surtanly NOT the useless friend.

Ronald Weasley<< I love Ron Weasley. He is most surtanly NOT the useless friend. i now love you.

Simple Christmas Decoration Home Ideas

Simple Christmas Decoration Home Ideas

Celebrate the holidays with Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas. Set the fest holiday mood with our Christmas Decoration Home ideas.

HELP!!!!!! I need to know in like the next 5 minutes when the first episode of Sherlock season 3 is coming out!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE

All You Other Fandoms Need to Sit Down

Waiting for Sherlock series 4 and I think we're going a bit mad.I haven't even had to wait as long as others since I started Sherlock after the first three seasons already came out.